Case Study:
Idea management at K+S Minerals and Agriculture

Imagine your industry was in upheaval. At the same time, you know that fresh ideas are essential for your market position.

How can you create all these ideas without overloading the employees with administrative tasks? K+S Minerals and Agriculture has decided to boost its idea management with the help of IPO.


What our client says

34% more ideas submitted in just one year

“Thanks to IPO’s incentive solutions, we can access a wide range of fresh ideas at any time – and transform them directly into positive economic effects. In this way, IPO’s full-service solutions contribute to the successful future of our company.”

Leiter Ideenmanagement, Markus Bock
K+S Aktiengesellschaft

Incentive idea management worldwide

For 130 years, K+S Minerals and Agriculture has been producing, refining, and supplying natural raw materials and salt for industry, agriculture, communities, and end users as a public company with over 11,000 employees worldwide.

Climate-neutral transformation is the biggest challenge of the industry. Idea management has a correspondingly high priority in the company. The IPO bonus shop plays a central role in incentivizing the employees – now more than 15,000 new ideas are submitted and awarded each year.

How IPO helps you achieve more

Rewards that move ideas

What made K+S Minerals and Agriculture choose IPO?

Your goals, your decision

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