The rapid implementation of several reward shops was impressive

Case Study:
Building supplier PROTEKTOR

Market leaders enjoy working with other market leaders Especially if they are in the construction industry: Quality, service, and customer satisfaction are the top priorities here. That’s why PROTEKTOR decided on IPO’s reward shops – and thereby massively increased the satisfaction of its B2B customers.
What our client says

We enjoy working with market leaders

All from a single source! The complete full-service process is running perfectly at IPO. In addition, IPO is a reliable partner with a huge selection of premium rewards that our customers and their end customers appreciate.

Stefan Elmer, Head of Marketing
Protektorwerk Florenz Maisch GmbH & Co.KG, Gaggenau

In classic three-tier sales models, customer loyalty is becoming increasingly important

PROTEKTOR is Europe’s largest producer of construction profiles. Specialist contractors such as painters, plasterers, and drywallers use their products in their daily work. However, PROTEKTOR’s direct customers are B2B companies in the building materials trade. These B2B customers love IPO’s reward shops.

The classic three-tier sales model traditionally works with discounts and a close personal relationship between the account manager and the customer. Smart campaigns and IPO’s reward shops expand this classic model. They provide a way to directly incentivize the success of the B2B relationship with high-quality, tangible brand rewards. This is how IPO Solutions help strengthen customers’ loyalty to PROTEKTOR.

How IPO helps you achieve more

Higher customer loyalty with successful reward campaigns

Why did PROTEKTOR decide on IPO?

Quality is one thing, good service is another thing

It is natural for an industry leader to choose a partner that offers high quality in their rewards shops and delivery. There are certainly some of these in the area of ​​incentive and loyalty solutions. However, finding a partner who has the same standards of quality service, productive communication and shared values ​​cannot be taken for granted. With IPO, PROTEKTOR has found the right match.