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Individual solutions, untested interfaces, complex manual data migration – a nightmare for every project. We save you time, money and nerves with IPO Connect: Your applications, databases and software solutions can be easily docked into our REST-API.

Excellent implementation for excellent results

The comprehensive API solution for your
reward program

Do you have a holistic strategy for acquiring new customers and managing existing customers? Then you should also set up your customer data and reward systems accordingly. Only when the various building blocks of your sales and marketing strategy are reflected in the data can you control and measure their success.

We are a full-service partner to hundreds of customers. We don’t just provide excellent software solutions, but also handle the warehousing and shipping of thousands of branded rewards. That’s why we think of APIs holistically.

REST-API and flexible pricing

At IPO, we believe that software serves people, not the other way around. We have been developing bonus programs for German and international customers for over 40 years, with our own in-house software department. That’s why we know what successful software integration has to look like.

What’s the status of the reward? Is it being processed? Does it have a tracking code? Is it returned? IPO Connect gives you and your customers real time access to all orders. Modern REST APIs are providing you with abundant information in a simple and secure way.

We built our APIs from scratch to be optimized for the reward business. Tracking markers in every order allow custom pricing, converting bonus points to your own currency, or storing participants’ bonus points in your own shop. You also can enhance your own shop with additional search functions for amounts of bonus points or rewards… almost every possible use case regarding rewards is implemented in our APIs.

IPO Connect APIs are used internally to run shops, custom solutions and mobile applications.
Every day masses of rewards are choosed and processed through these APIs. Believe us when we tell you that we have those APIs under control.

The IPO Connect instances are scalable containers in our AWS clusters. All HTTP load is scaled raising containers due to requests/second. Processing jobs are deferred by fail tolerant queues with limitless single jobs running your tasks reliable in the background.

Who should use
IPO Connect?

You are looking for a
full service provider fueling your own reward shop

You develop reward shops for your customers – we take care of the rest. Shipping, reward selection, management of the reward points and customer accounts, support and much more.

You have implemented bonus points in your online shops or apps, and are looking for a partner for the fulfillment

You develop apps and points systems but you need a partner who provides product data, images and ships the rewards. The APIs of IPO Connect offers you solutions that easily integrate with your systems.

IPO Connect is for anyone who creates loyalty or incentive solutions. Contact our team for more information!
Success with a system

See how IPO Connect contributes to the success of your sales and marketing strategy

Whether it’s to reward, to motivate or to do market research – with the IPO Connect API, you have your market under control.

For everyone who develops apps, shops and reward systems, IPO Connect is the bridge to order processing, delivery and fulfillment, reward management and point account management.

Our high-performance APIs offer you solutions that dock onto your systems with ease.

We make your existing products or services even more attractive; with bonus points, reward systems and high-quality brand premiums.

IPO Connect lets you easily integrate all these options with a large number of software features.

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