Game-changing reward solutions.

IPO Rewards – the worldwide most coveted rewards.

Rewards that your customers and employees desire. They will motivate them, and you can quickly feel that in your numbers: more sales, higher participation or longer customer life cycles. With IPO Rewards, you choose success.

A reward shop, as unique as your company.

Your goals, translated to a highly flexible and efficient reward shop.

IPO Rewards is a flexible and customisable rewards storefront, where customers can control features for their shops and use their own branding.

This is how you activate your customers and employees with IPO Rewards – and achieve your goals quickly and easily.

Best value for your ROI – we have it handled

01. Customisable storefront

The IPO Rewards Shop is tailored to your brand design or corporate design. Customers and employees will feel at home.

02. Worldwide shipping and tracking

We monthly deliver thousands of rewards. Your customers and employees will look forward to them everytime.

03. Incentivized campaigns and gamification

Intelligent communication, clever campaigns, and playful elements transform your bonus shop into a positive experience - one that your customers and employees will want to visit over and over again.

04. Custom vouchers

Vouchers can easily be integrated into your IPO Rewards shop. Simplify the tracking for your campaigns: Link the vouchers easily to your marketing activities, and leverage their power.

05. Attractive up-to-date rewards

We do the market research for you and stock your IPO Rewards shop with the most coveted rewards.

06.Smart reporting

This is how your bonus shop and your marketing strategy will get better and better: In the dashboard, you will see key user behavior data and your customer or employee orders.

07. All-round support for your customers

We take care of returns, warranty cases, or any customer inquiries. This way you can concentrate on strategic control instead of administrative tasks.

08. Expert knowledge included

You have a personal shop manager who provides you and your team with the best strategies, and gets your bonus shop on the fast track for success.

09. Large stock of premium rewards

We handle the management and storage of the consignment goods for you: 12.000 m² lagern wir über 6.500 verschiedene Prämien.

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A reward shop
to boost your key figures

With a rewards shop from IPO Rewards, you can incentivize exactly the actions you need to achieve your goals. This is how marketing works today.

With highly attractive bonuses you motivate your customers to share their good opinion of you. A real win-win situation: Your customers receive a bonus that makes them happy. The new customer can enjoy your products. And you got a new customer. Easy, with IPO Rewards.

A reward shop offers added value and can be easily integrated to your marketing. Extend your customer life cycle and your customer satisfaction with IPO Rewards. You and your team focus on strategic control. We take care of the processing.

Engaged and satisfied employees contribute directly to your company’s key objectives. With a bonus shop, you combine tax benefits with attractive bonuses that motivate your employees .

IPO Reward Shops – success guaranteed

Our clients

Innovative medium-sized companies, data-driven software companies, and successful large corporations choose IPO as a partner for their bonus shops and incentive campaigns. Why? Quite simply: State-of-the-art interfaces and tailor-made solutions guarantee the best ROI.

Case Studies
What our client says

34% more ideas submitted in just one year

“Thanks to IPO’s incentive solutions, we can access a wide range of fresh ideas at any time – and transform them directly into positive economic effects. In this way, In this way, IPO’s full-service solutions contribute to the successful future of our company.

Leiter Ideenmanagement, Markus Bock
K+S Aktiengesellschaft
What our client says

hello again boldly stands out from the competition – thanks to IPO

All from a single source! The complete full-service process is running perfectly at IPO. In addition, IPO is a reliable partner with a huge selection of premium rewards that our customers and their end customers appreciate.

Mario Pecile, Co-Founder
hello again GmbH

What our client says

We enjoy working with market leaders

All from a single source! The complete full-service process is running perfectly at IPO. In addition, IPO is a reliable partner with a huge selection of premium rewards that our customers and their end customers appreciate.

Stefan Elmer, Head of Marketing
Protektorwerk Florenz Maisch GmbH & Co.KG, Gaggenau

There is more to IPO Rewards

The list of features is impressive. We are experts in incentive and loyalty solutions, and IPO Rewards is accordingly sophisticated. For a reward shop as good as you expect it to be.

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We ship rewards. Fast, safe, worldwide.

IPO delivers your rewards to
three continents

No matter where your customers, employees or partners in Europe, the US or Australia are, we’ll make sure they get their rewards.

Easy implementation, excellent fulfillment

IPO Connect

Do you already have a reward-shop storefront or an online shop? Then let us take care of the handling and shipment. With our open-source software solution, your rewards program is designed for growth right from the start. will provide the rest.